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About Us

HEMEL was established in 1966 as a Turkish-British partnership. Since its foundation, HEMEL’s area of expertise has been rot and insect protection of wood and the supply of wood paints and varnish systems. Having celebrated the 50th anniversary in 2016 with its wood preservatives, interior and exterior wood paint, and varnish products, HEMEL is the sector leader in the wood preservation industry known for its innovative technology products. Continuing its sales and marketing activities and its technical consultancy in most significant projects in Turkey, HEMEL contributes added value to the sector and exports its products to countries like the Netherlands, UK, Singapore, Brazil, and Azerbaijan, and Cyprus. 

Since 2012, HEMEL continues its production in partnership with the Swiss Company Arxada and continues its R&D investments in the wood products industry to continue producing environment and human-friendly green products for the future.

To achieve the utilization of wood as a contemporary, widely used, and long-lasting building material; 

In this context, to find the most accurate information, technologies, and methods available; 

To offer these to the service of users and applicators;

By training, enabling, and motivating our workforce and sales partners for success.


Leaving a heritage of green forests and livable cities to the coming generations by achieving the more efficient utilization of wood as a renewable material through technology.

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