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Like with all wooden furniture, wooden floorings and wooden parquets add value to homes and provide a stylish look. However, even if we use the best-laminated and solid parquet, they lose their brightness over the years, their color fades, and lose their old appearance. Since it is a natural substance, it requires good care. Parquet maintenance should be done with a quality wood parquet varnish, laminate parquet varnish suitable for wood. If the wooden parquet polish is applied to the parquet at certain intervals, your old parquet polish and preservative of the wooden parquet will be completed and the floor will have a clean and vivid look as on the first day. If it is desired to use the correct products for the scraper and polish applications, water-based parquet polish should be a perfect choice.

How is water-based parquet varnish different from other varnishes? And what are the water-based parquet varnish prices? What is water-based Parquet varnish?

Water-based wood parquet varnish is both healthy and environmentally friendly. Water-based varnishes dry faster and are odorless. Water-based parquet polish is as effective as chemical varnishes. If you want solid parquet or laminate flooring to preserve its color and the natural appearance of the wood, it would be the best choice to use a water-based parquet varnish. After drying, it will be waterproof and will protect your parquet against scratches and abrasions. The appearance of water-based parquet polish is clean, and the tools used in the application can be easily cleaned with water.

Wood parquet varnishes contain a volatile substance VOC, this compound gets into the air during and after the varnish is applied. Water-based parquet polish contains much less VOC than solvent-based parquet varnishes and is therefore much safer for health. Water-based parquet polish is an odorless parquet polish. Hemel Home water-based odorless parquet varnish is among the most recognized and preferred parquet polish brands. Hemel water-based parquet varnish is odorless and has a longer life and is more resistant to scratches and abrasions. Although it has more protective properties, it is odorless and does not contain carcinogenic substances compared to solvent-based parquet polish. It is a parquet polish suitable for child health and has EN 71-3 standard. It can also be used in places such as nursing homes for people with asthma and allergic diseases.

Hemel Home Water Based Parquet Polish/Varnish has three different options as matte, ultra-matte, and glossy parquet polish. Water-based parquet varnish is colorless, but if you want to change the parquet color, you can give your parquet a beautiful color with Hemel Aqua Decorative Colorant parquet colorant before polishing, and after 4-6 hours you can maintain and protect it with Hemel Home parquet varnish.

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