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What is water-based impregnation, what is wood impregnation?

Impregnation is the process of impregnating the sapwood of wood with various chemicals using special methods. Preservatives are divided into two according to their content. Water-based and synthetic impregnation.

Water-based preservatives are odorless and safe for health.

Water-based preservatives protect against worms, fungi, and mold in wood for up to 15 years. Impregnation protects the wood from the inside and prevents it from rotting. While it allows it to breathe, it allows it to expel the moisture inside and extend its life.

Soft texture woods such as pine can be impregnated. Hardwoods such as Iroko and teak have both natural durability due to their dense texture and the product can't penetrate due to this dense texture. For this reason, hardwoods do not need to be impregnated.


Where is Wood Impregnation used?

The impregnation process is applied for all kinds of construction applications, facade cladding, garden furniture, fence, patio, pergola, pier, marina, children's playgrounds, agricultural areas, and similar wood to be used. The impregnated wood is protected from the inside, protected against rotting.


What are the methods of water-based impregnation?

Wood protective impregnation is applied by brush, roller, or dipping methods generally used in the industrial field, depending on the surface width of the application area and the areas of use.

Hemel wood preservatives are ready to use, there is no need for thinning. To get the best results, we recommend you to comply with the application methods and amounts specified in the technical data sheets of the purchased product. Impregnation is not available to be applied on painted/varnished wood, the wood must be sanded beforehand, and also it must be cleared of dirt and dust.

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What type of water-based wood Preservative should be preferred?

Compliance with European Norms and being safe in terms of health should be preferred. It should be taken into account that the impregnating agents must be odorless and the VOC value in their content must be low. Hemel offers impregnation materials and impregnation paint with "0" VOC value and registered in the Ministry of Health Institution Biocidal Inventory.


Impregnating paint agent colors

transparent (colorless), brown impregnation, or green impregnation water-based wood preservatives (impregnating agents) are produced by Hemel. Tanalith impregnation stands out among the water-based, odorless wood preservatives with its new generation environmentally friendly green and brown options. It is suitable for use on soft texture woods to be painted over ground level and ground level.

After the wood impregnation is done, we recommend you to protect it from weather conditions with Hickson Decor Ultra Aqua Wood Stain which is a water-based varnish. This semi-transparent water-based varnish is a high-performance product that allows the wood to breathe, protects against UV rays, and does not contain heavy metals and lead.


Water-based wood impregnating paint agents prices

Visit us for the options and impregnation prices of all water-based impregnating agents, odorless wood preservatives, eco-friendly, in compliance with European Norms, with 0 VOC value!

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