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What is paint remover gel, how to use paint remover gel?

Paint removing gels are used to remove materials like paint, primer, varnish, protect layers of metal, wood, masonry, concrete, plaster, etc. from surfaces. The content of paint remover gel and paint stripper gel products has been created to remove existing paints. Paint removing products are industrial-based or domestic-based. Paint stripper gel is recommended, because it is easy to use and damage less to the surface, comparing with other paint removers. Paint remover gel does not damage the metal or wooden surfaces. It is very easy to use and it is the most practical paint removing method.

At industrial use, paint stripper gel is known as paint remover which can hold on vertical and horizontal surfaces easily. It is quite common to use car paint remover gel, in industry and repair shops. Paint stripper gel is used systematically to remove defective paint or unwanted local paints.


Where is the paint remover gel used?

You can easily use the paint remover gel to remove all kinds of paint. It is a very effective product in removing all paints used in synthetic paint, epoxy paint, oil paint, and metal coating. For example, it can be used to remove car paint, refrigerator paint, paint of the tub, the paint of the door.


Varnishes, water-based paints, synthetic paints, acrylic paints, hobby paints, cellulosic paints, spray paints can be removed with paint remover. Gel form paint remover is generally preferred. Very good results are obtained with wood paint remover gel and metal paint remover gel on wood and metal surfaces.

Apart from the industrial industry, paint-removing gels are used in automobile paint and repair shops. Auto paint remover gel is also an indispensable material for people doing auto paint and body repair work. Its use provides a lot of gain for both the master and the vehicle owner. The master finishes his job very quickly and delivers his vehicle with peace of mind. Car paint remover gel doesn’t damage the vehicle body or sheet.

Paint remover gel or gel paint stripper can be used very easily on all surfaces such as wood, metal, light metal, concrete.


What are the advantages of paint remover gel?

Paint remover gel adheres well on vertical surfaces and provides the comfort of being applied in the desired environment.

The most important advantage is that it does not damage the metal like the paint removal process applied with sandpaper and monster stone. Thus, the sheet that is not damaged during use does not lose its durability. Damage to sheet metal is a very important phenomenon. This means filling the damaged area with putty. For this reason, it is always better to use paint remover gel for your vehicle.


It is produced in the form of paint remover, liquid paint remover, gel paint remover, and spray paint remover. Although many different brands of paint removers are produced, their usage methods and usage areas are almost the same.

What should be considered when choosing Paint Remover Gel?

Much solvent-based paint removing gels on the market smell like poison, burn hands and obstruct breath if used without gloves. HEMEL® Paint Stripper, produced by Hemel, can be used for indoor and outdoor, paint remover, paint remover gel, Toluene, NMP, caustic, acid-like harmful compounds and does not contain heavy odor. Compared to other paint removers, it is an odorless, non-scorching, environmentally friendly gel paint remover.

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