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The façade is the part that makes up the exterior of a building and can be covered with natural stones, glass materials, impregnated wood, clover boards, bricks and ceramics. Types of exterior cladding vary according to the surface to be applied. It is also very important for thermal insulation in buildings.

Exterior paint is applied in order to protect the facades against external factors and to beautify its appearance aesthetically. Exterior paint is the biggest factor affecting the appearance of a building. While façade paint provides a decorative appearance to the building or residence it is applied to, it also protects the surface against external factors. There are different facade paints that can be applied according to the type of surface.

How should the exterior paint be?

The most important features of a good exterior paint are high coverage, easy application, being ready to use without thinning, resistance to weather conditions and having a quality color. Since water-based exterior paints have water-repellent properties, they provide high protection against external factors such as rain on the surfaces they are applied to, and they also help to protect nature as an environmentally friendly paint. They add visuality to buildings with façade paint colors that are resistant to fading and wear. Exterior paint colors and exterior paints, which vary according to different tastes, ensure that buildings continue their existence for many years with a solid, healthy structure and aesthetic appearance.

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