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What is the panel door paint?

Panel door paint is paint that can be applied practically by anyone on all panel doors. It is safe for the environment and human health with its water-based and odorless content. Water-based panel door paint reveals the texture of the wood.

The other name of panel door paint is American panel door paint. It has been developed per the surface properties of American doors consisting of coatings. The most preferred panel door paint is a water-based one. This paint which does not contain volatile solvents doesn’t yellow the wood and is applied practically. When solvent-based panel door paint is applied in closed areas, inhalation is dangerous for human health. Water-based panel door paint is a panel door paint that can be used very easily by people who are disturbed by the smell of paint or those with respiratory diseases such as asthma and allergies since it is odorless and does not contain volatile chemicals.


Which panel door paint is best for wooden doors?

Panel door paint can be applied to doors and all wooden surfaces. The difference between panel door paint from other wood paints is that it adheres very well to surfaces such as MDF and chipboard.

Once you follow the instructions, there will not be problems such as cracking, blistering and peeling.

The best panel door paint, Hemel Panel Door Paint, is a water-based covering panel door paint applied with a brush, thanks to its special formula, it shows the natural texture of wood and reveals all its natural beauty, although it is a highly covering panel door paint. It does not yellow the wood, it is resistant to impacts and chemical reactions. Panel door paints are mainly white, seashell, cream, and also many panel door paint colors are available, Hemel produces water-based covering panel door paint applied by brush or roller, with a rich color scheme. It is the leading in the market. It is an American panel door paint manufacturer.


How to paint an interior wood door?

Since the panel door paint dries very quickly, it is not necessary to remove the door from the hinges during application. Before painting, paint masking tape should be used on the handles or knocker part of the door.

After the panel door accessories are masked, the door to be painted must be clean and dry. It should be dried completely after cleaning with a damp cloth. It is recommended to lightly abrade the surface with fine sandpaper to increase the adherence before the panel door paint application. The dust layer formed as a result of the sanding process should be cleaned thoroughly. Before starting to apply panel door paint, the brush or roller to be used must be saturated with paint. After this process, the excess paint remaining on the roller or brush should be removed by rubbing the product package edge or using a suitable apparatus.

It is very important to wait according to the recommended first and last layer waiting and drying times to get the best result. Because if the second coat is applied before the first coat dries, it makes it difficult for the paint to adhere strongly to the surface. It may cause undesirable results such as brush and roller marks.

Hemel Panel Door Paint, water-based covering panel door paint applied with a brush, is a water-based, odorless panel door paint with very high coverage, but also does not pose a threat to human health with the EN 71-3 Toy Safety Standard. See our website for Hemel water-based covering panel door paint prices and panel door paint colors!


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