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What’s a water-based exterior wood primer? What is exterior wood primer paint used for?

Wood primer paint is a type of coating used before painting exterior wood. Wood paint primer ensures proper adhesion of the paint to the wooden surface, increases the durability of the paint, and also provides additional protection to the wooden surface. An exterior wood primer is a special type of paint applied before painting. Water-based wood painting primer ensures that the wood surface to be painted becomes suitable for painting, giving a slightly rough texture to the wood surface. Thanks to this, the paint adheres effectively to the wood. Another important role of exterior wood primer is to close the pores on the surface, thus preventing existing stains from appearing on the paint surface.

It’s hard for the top coat paint to adhere to the wood. For this reason, a suitable primer to be applied before painting will make this an ideal wooden facade surface to be painted.

Which primer is suitable for exterior wood before painting?

There are two types of exterior wood primer. The first is a water-based exterior wood primer and the second one is a solvent-based exterior wood primer. The water-based wood primer is more recommended because it is odorless that allows the wood to breathe.

Heavy metal and lead-free wood lining will be more suitable for both your health and the environment.

Attention should be paid to the flexibility of the exterior primer. A ready-to-use water-based exterior wood primer that does not need to be thinned is always more practical, the primer application can be made easier and faster. Apart from all these, it should be paid attention to that preferred wood primer to be able to prevent yellowing at the wood.

How many types of exterior wood primers are there?

Wood primers are available as transparent or white, ie opaque covering undercoat. Covering undercoat is used only under covering wood paints. It is important that the covering wood primer also known as opaque primer, has a high hiding power, and it is a primer that acts as a barrier, especially for exotic and resinous woods.

Hickson Decor® Aqua Universal Primer, a water-based anti-yellowing breathable exterior wood primer produced by Hemel, has all the features required for a quality exterior covering wood primer. It is a white primer. Check this environmentally friendly wood paint primer that you can easily apply before water and solvent-based covering wood paint!


How to prepare and apply exterior wood primer surface?

Before applying the exterior wood primer, it is necessary to clean the wood surface from dirt, dust, and oil. It should be sanded to obtain a smooth floor and then the dust formed should be removed. Before applying it to the painted / varnished surface, it should be sanded again. Water-based covering wood primer is applied with a brush or roller. After drying, solvent or water-based wood varnish, wood paint is applied. After water-based priming, it is necessary to apply in the direction of the wood grain to obtain a homogeneous appearance. The moisture of the wood to be primed should be less than 20%.  

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