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What is a deck varnish? What is it used for?

Wood deck varnish is a liquid solution used to protect wooden floors from water, prevent corrosion and increase their durability against external factors. The most important feature of wooden deck varnish is that it provides a non-slip surface and prevents slipping on wooden deck floors. It is also highly resistant to the harmful effects of sunlight (UV). It acts as a protective layer. It is applied on wood as a preservative. It also makes wooden decks that have been used for a long time look like new.

What are the features of water-based deck varnish (Wood floor varnish)?

Water-based wood floor varnish (deck stain) is a varnish that is good for both health and use.

  1. Water-based varnish is odorless and is also environmentally friendly. The thinner used in the production of solvent-based varnish has odor and substances harmful to human health.
  2. Water-based wood varnish gives a natural look as wood absorbs more water-based varnish.
  3. Water-based deck varnish dries faster.
  4. Water-based deck wood floor varnish is safer for health as it has less VOC value.

Which deck varnish (Wood floor varnish) should be preferred?

Preferred wooden floor varnish should be the one that is sensitive to human and environmental health, nature friendly, does not contain heavy metal and lead, and has a toy safety certificate.

It is also important to be breathable for the extension of the life of the deck.

Since decks are in areas exposed to sunlight, it is important to choose a varnish that provides strong UV protection.

It would be more correct to choose a semi-transparent water-based wood floor varnish to make a nice deck coloring while preserving the natural texture and appearance of the wooden floor.

The wood varnish to be used to apply on wooden floors must have a non-slip surface.


Wood floor varnish (Deck varnish, Deck stain) colors and prices

In the wood varnishing application, a semi-transparent colored varnish should be used if it is desired not to lose the natural texture of the wood.

There are many different color options for wood floor varnishes and translucent colored varnishes. Hemel's water-based semi-transparent, non-slip HEMEL® Deck Stain wood floor varnish, has microparticles and available in 4 different colors. You can color many wooden floors with it such as the pier, poolsides, marina, yacht or ship decks, winter gardens, walkways. Meanwhile, you can protect your wood from the harmful rays of the sun and water. Hemel Deck Stain is a ready-to-use, water-based wood floor varnish with high UV protection, resistant to outdoor weather conditions, specially produced for use on outdoor wooden floors.

You can visit our website to view and purchase Hemel Deck Stain Teak and other color options.

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