Quality and Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Hemel has adopted the principle of producing its products in a high-quality standard, being sensitive to the environment and its employees, and working within the framework of honesty and ethical rules. In line with this;

-To comply with customer and legal requirements,

-To conduct pioneering studies in the impregnation and wood painting industry,

-To engage in customer-oriented solution activities and to ensure continuity,

-To ensure the continuous improvement of the Quality and Occupational Health and Safety Policy in cooperation with resellers and suppliers, by evaluating them as our business partners,

-To provide safe products for human and environmental health compatible with world standards,

-To ensure the participation and consultation of employees for continuously improving their competencies,

-To prevent injuries and health deterioration by creating a healthy and safe working environment,

-To eliminate and reduce the risk of OHS during our activities,

-To implement our commitments to comply with the needs and expectations of interested parties,

-Hemel is committed to continuously improving its Quality and Occupational Health and Safety Policy Management Systems.

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