Customer Satisfaction Management Policy

As HEMEL®, with a customer-oriented approach;

-Accepting each feedback based on information, satisfaction, request, suggestion, and customer complaints as a reward for our continuous development,

-Evaluating, resolving, and giving feedback for all customer complaints as soon as possible based on the principles of transparent, accessible, objective, fair, careful, and confidentiality,

-Ensuring and maintaining customer satisfaction by evaluating and finalizing every complaint,

-Ensuring that our staff adopts all the principles in the resolution of customer complaints,

-Equipping our employees with the necessary competencies,

-Creating free communication channels for our customers to reach us,

-Continuously improving our product and service quality and to prevent repeating customer complaints with a proactive approach,

-Complying with applicable legal obligations in force,

We are committed to ensuring this policy to be available and known to all of our employees and open to our customers, including other interested parties.

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Customer Satisfaction Solution Flow Chart

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Customer Satisfaction Feedback Channels

-Web: "Contact " section

-Phone:+90 444 98 48

-Fax: +90 216 394 83 10

-Social Media:,

You can send us your requests/suggestions from the channels given above.
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