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  • What Does Wood Stain Do?


Wood Stain is a liquid solution used as a protective layer that prevents the wood from moistening and abrasion and increases its durability against external factors.

The protective layer function is the most familiar feature of varnish. It is applied on wood as a preservative. It also makes long-used wooden surfaces and items look like new. The moisture of the wood is prevented with water repellent wood stain. Wood stain also protects the wood against UV rays.

Wood Stain Types

Wood Stains are divided into water-based and solvent-based wood stains.

Differences Between Water-Based Wood Stain and Solvent-Based Wood Stain:

The service life of water-based and solvent-based Wood Stains is the same. Some differences are arising from the chemical structure of the raw materials used in its production.

  1. Water-based wood stain is odorless and also environmentally friendly. There is an odor of the thinner used in the production of solvent-based wood stains.
  2. Water-based wood stain gives a more natural finish, as wood absorbs more water-based varnish.
  3. Water-based wood stain dries faster.
  4. Water-based wood stain is safer for health as it has less VOC value.

How to Choose Wood Stain?

Wood Stains, which are sensitive to human and environmental health, nature friendly, do not contain heavy metal and lead, and have a toy safety certificate, should be preferred.

It is also essential that it is a breathable Wood Stain, which extends the life of the wood.

For exterior wood, it is essential to choose a wood stain that provides strong protection against sunlight.

If you want the wood to preserve its natural texture and appearance, a translucent wood stain should be used.

What is breathable wood stain, and why is it important?

Breathable paints and wood stains form a water-proof but water vapor-permeable layer on the applied surface. A small crack that may occur on the surface due to cracking or a small impact of the wood used outdoors due to precipitation and changes in the humidity in the air may cause the wood to become wet. The drying of this water, which soaks the wood under the layer, is essential for the life of the paint and wood. If the wood is wet for a long time, it causes both the paint to fall off and the wood rot. Breathing wood stain/paint prevents this situation. It also penetrates the wood well and has the flexibility to work with the wood.

Colored Wood Stain Colors and Prices

In Wood Staining application, if it is desired not to lose the natural texture of the wood, a semi-transparent Wood Stain should be used.

Wood Stains have many different color options. Click to see the rich water and solvent-based wood stain colors (color charts) produced by Hemel and learn about Wood Stain prices!

Tips for Wood Stain Application

When applying Wood Stain, sanding should be done between the layers to improve the final finish and ensure that the layers adhere to each other or get the paint's desired performance.

For good wood protection, it is crucial to apply the product to the wood heads. Thus, water repellency is given to the heads of the wood that absorb the most water.

Make sure that the edges of the wood you will wood stain are rounded. Wood Stain does not adhere sufficiently in sharp corners, and the film thickness remains weak. The possibility of getting water from this sharp corner of the wood may occur, causing the product to peel off.

In exterior wood stain applications, the design of the wood details so that they do not accumulate on the surface where water will flow significantly increases the product's service life.

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