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There are many wood color products for interior and exterior wood coloring. Since wood is a natural material and must be protected well, the wood dye and colorants to be used should be selected well. So, what should we pay attention to when choosing wood coloring? Where can we use wood colorants? What are the wood coloring products that can be used in home areas or industrial areas? We have prepared a small article for you about these.

As in every field, wood colorant products that are safe for human health and environmentally friendly do not contain heavy metals, and lead should be preferred. It must be a water-based wood colorant, conforming to the Toy Safety Standard. In this way, you can safely color many areas of your home, balcony railings, etc., while protecting your health and nature.

Another essential point of the wood colorant is the rich color pigments in its content. It would help if you were careful that the product you will use contains high color pigments. In this way, you will maintain the natural appearance of your wood and provide a good coloring. In addition, a translucent colorant brings out the wood texture and natural beauty of the wood.

Where are water-based wood colorants used?

You can use wood colorants on all interior / exterior wood such as door and window joinery, shutters, facade cladding, fences, pergolas, balcony railings, roof eaves, solid or laminated parquet floors, paneling, and wooden ceilings.

How is Water-Based Wood Coloring applied?

Hickson Decor Aqua DecorativeWood Colorants produced by Hemel are ready to use, do not require thinning, and can be applied by brush, cloth, and dipping methods.

Tips for coloring wood

When the wood colorant product is applied with a brush, it should be combed along the grain of the colorant wood on the surface with a brush to obtain a homogeneous appearance and avoid the risk of overlapping. In addition, to avoid any brush marks when applying wood colorant, after the product is applied, the excess should be wiped off with a cloth before allowing the color to dry. Therefore, the application should continue in small areas.

Drinking water can be added at a 2 to 3% ratio to delay drying on large surfaces and sweltering weather and prevent possible brush traces.

In exterior applications, the design of wooden details so that they do not accumulate on the surface where water will flow significantly increases its service life.

Can I get different colors with wood colorant types?

You can mix different colors of the same product to obtain different colors other than the standard colors of wood colorant, and you can prepare your custom color.

Change the wood floor color with water-based wood colorants

You can apply Hickson Decor Aqua Decorative Colorant's desired color by completely removing varnish on the surface and colorant, if any, with a scraper. You can complete the change by applying Hemel water-based wood floor varnishes on it. Click for wood floor coloring prices and wood floor varnishes!

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