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The meaning of deck is the wooden floor used as outdoor parquet, floor covering. When choosing a deck, hardwoods that will be compatible with the weather conditions caused by the outdoor area should be preferred. If we list the properties of the decks, natural wood, environmentally friendly, compatible with human health, giving a pleasant appearance, adding a warm atmosphere to the environment, long life, resistance to external factors, easy to clean and maintain, and low slippery.

What does decking oil do?

Decking oil ensures the deck to have a thick, strong surface and also prevents getting damaged from impacts, and having a natural color of the wood. It is very important to use decking oils in the production and maintenance of all wooden floors. When natural decking oil is applied, the deck surface is protected against water and moisture, is prevented from deteriorating. Decking oil adds water repellency to wood and also creates a shield against dust, nail polish, alcohol, and many other similar substances. It prevents the surfaces from being damaged by acidic beverages or foods if acidic beverages are accidentally brought into contact with the wooden surface. Decking oil has a flexible property and prevents the wood from being affected as long as the wood is solid.

Most importantly, it protects the wooden deck surface against sunlight.


 With natural oils colored with different color options, you can paint your wood as you wish while protecting your wood. We can give examples of wooden floors that we call decks such as pool sides, piers, sunbathing areas, balconies, terraces, walking tracks, playgrounds, beach/pool changing rooms, pergola/gazebo floors, yacht decks, flower pot organizers, and garden furniture. Maintenance of decks that are constantly exposed to the sun and in contact with water and protection with natural oil against sunlight extends the service life and ensures that the wood preserves its natural beauty.

Which decking oil, deck paint should be used?

There is a wide variety of decking oils on the market, but if you want to get an effective and safe result, you should choose deck oil that doesn’t contain heavy metals, lead-free, and complying with the EN 71-3 standard. After cleaning the unpainted/unpolished, grayed, or worn decks with HEMEL® Deck Restorer, you can color your deck floors, garden furniture exposed to sunlight, with 5 different color options of HEMEL® Deck Oil. You can get your furniture under extra protection against UV rays with HEMEL® Exotic Oil, which has 4 different color options and colored natural oil for deck care, you can also perform regional maintenance on the worn deck surface, you can think of it as a deck paint. If you are looking for deck care oil that is water-repellent, reduces splinter formation, preserves its natural beauty while coloring the wood, and does not form a film layer, Hemel products are right for you! See wonderful color scales such as antique pine color, walnut color, light oak, and get detailed information!

How is decking oil applied?

Colored natural decking oil can be applied to wooden floors by brush, cloth, roller, or dipping methods.

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