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What is Teak Oil?
Teak oil, formulated with natural oils, is an oil that nourishes and protects wood prepared with special protective additives. Teak oil (Teak oil) is also known as wood protection oil or wood care product. It is used to prevent the wear of wood and wooden items and furniture and to extend their life.
It is the wood protection and maintenance oil used for protection and maintenance of all kinds of wooden furniture, wooden flooring, floor coverings, benches, and other seating groups, pool borders, materials that are in constant contact with water such as ships, boat decks, wooden piers, and all wooden items exposed to sun and water indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its waterproof feature, it protects the wood against the abrasion of water and extends its service life.
In addition, teak oil is used in the garden and indoor furniture, woods that are in contact with the skin and tend to see water. Apart from this, teak oil is preferred especially in wooden children's toys.

What does teak oil do, what is it used for?
It provides care and protection by penetrating deep into the wood, teak oil nourishes and revitalizes the wood.

Where Is Teak Oil Used?
1. Wood and its derivative materials.
2. All indoor and outdoor furniture that is in constant contact with water.
3. Swimming pool borders and pool stairs.
4. Wooden surfaces of boats above sea level.
5. It is used in wooden toys. (EN 71-3)
Teak oil makes the wood resistant to sun, dirt, and water. To test the water repellency of teak oil, you can apply it to some part of the wood and hold water on it. On the part of the teak oil applied, water will be poured dropwise, and the wood will absorb the water on the non-teak part. For this reason, it is recommended to apply teak oil, especially around pool edges and piers. In addition, teak oil, which has EN 71-3 (Toy Safety) certificate, can be used safely in wooden children's toys. In short; Teak oil will be the most effective wood oil for all woods that come into contact with water in the external environment.
Is your garden table worn out? Has your garden furniture turned gray? Has your wood started to absorb water and become gray? Have your pool edges lost their shine? Then it is time to renew your wood with teak oil. Woodcare should be repeated every year, especially in seasonal furniture.
As in all of our other products, we produce our HEMEL® Teak Oil product, taking into account the health of a human, animal, and environmental health, which is heavy metal and lead-free, by EN 71-3 Toy safety standard. Teak oil is ready to use and does not require any additional treatment.
Teak oil application is practical. You can easily apply Teak oil with a brush, cloth, or roller. If we ask which teak oil is the best, we recommend Hemel Teak oil (Teak oil). information! Hemel Teak Oil is transparent and colorless. If you want to use colored teak oil, wood care products, check out our wood care product called Hemel Exotic Oil!

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