Best Wood Stain!

How hard can it be to buy a good quality wood stain? However, you will be surprised to see how confusing the selection will be when you go to a store. You will see a big difference between multiple brands and prices.

As HEMEL, we believe that the best wood stain is produced through high-quality raw materials and resin, production per the quality, human and environmental norms, and technical support before and after sales.

Why Choose a Good Quality Wood Stain?

Although cheap wood stain may seem logical in the short term, because maintenance frequencies will be short and you will pay a lot of labor fees, it will result in more money coming out of your pocket in the medium and long term.

Besides, as the resins and pigments in the formulation of cheap paints are weak and inadequate, the following potential problems will likely arise:

  • Deformation in paint in a short time due to insufficient resistance to sun rays (UV) and water,

  • Brush marks after use due to quick drying of paint,

  • Increase in time and labor due to more coats being thrown because the covering power is low,

  • Since the film thickness on the wood is low, the wood is easily deformed and needs to replace these parts.

Our forests are the most important heritage left to us. We can minimize the use of new trees by protecting and maintaining our existing woods at the highest level and using them efficiently. Thus, we can leave forests and livable cities to the next generations.

In What Conditions Is the Best Wood Stain Produced?

As HEMEL, we produce per quality, human, and environmental standards and use the most refined chemicals and resins globally, approved and tested, to deliver the best quality wood stains.

We Chose The Best Wood Stain. Now, How Will Customer Satisfaction Be Provided?

As HEMEL, we care about the customer satisfaction of the products we have produced under Reach and CLP for 54 years. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction per our TSE 10002 certification. Thus, we aim to maximize your experience by using the best wood stain. For this reason, we listen to you with more than 20 consultants from all over Turkey and produce solutions. If you have any questions about water- and solvent-based wood stains, you can contact us by filling out the contact form under our website's contact tab.

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