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Operation Guide


This Operation Guide has been prepared for the users of about product purchases, changes related to the purchases, the rules and procedures to be applied to these transactions by  HEMEL Boya ve Kimya San. A.Ş..

  1.  Technical steps are as follows, indicating the necessary steps such as establishing the agreement, selecting the goods and services, entering the delivery and payment information, and confirming the order :  
    1. Open the // page in your internet browser.
    2. Click the category of the products you want to buy or enter the product by typing the product name or product stock code in the search section.
    3. Find the product(s) using the search box or relevant categories on the top menu and filters.
    4. Access detailed information about the product by clicking on the product(s) page.
    5. Choose the color, package, and quantity on the product detail page and click the "Add to Cart" button.
    6. See the product's details (s) you have added to the shopping cart by clicking on the cart icon on the page's top right.
    7. Check the product (s) you have added to the shopping cart by clicking the cart icon in the upper right (the number above the cart icon shows the number of products in the cart.) If you wish, you may change the products' quantity in your cart or remove them entirely. You can apply gift vouchers or discount coupons, if any, at this step.
    8. If you have not logged in when you click the "Buy" button from the cart page, you will be directed to the member login page. From this point on, membership is required to complete your order. (If you are not yet a member, you can register by clicking "Create Account" under the My Account icon at the top right on the main page). If you are logged in, you will be directed to the payment page.
    9.   The order process consists of 4 steps: Cart, Address, Payment, and Approval. After selecting each step, you can proceed by pressing the "Continue" button. 
    10.   If you have the delivery and billing addresses previously entered in the address step, they will come selected. If you want to enter a different address, you can choose one of your other registered addresses, use or correct the address you have chosen, or add a new address. If you want your billing and delivery address to be different, create a separate address for each criterion, and mark the relevant fields. After completing your choices about the address, you can proceed to the payment step by clicking the "Summary & Payment" button.
    11. Your order will be displayed in summary in the payment step. For the last time, after checking your basket, invoice, delivery address, shipping fee, right of withdrawal information, entering credit card information, and selecting the installment options, if any, clicking the "Complete Order" button will make the sale process. After the bank has confirmed the payment per your credit card information, a Distance Sales Agreement will be established with HEMEL.   
    12.   If you want to cancel your order after creating, you can do it within 5 minutes by selecting the cancel order option under your order number under my account-orders menu.
  2. Information on the electronic order contract is stored electronically, and the recipient's access to this contract later.  
    1. You can access your electronic commerce contract from my account-orders page, which is kept in an electronic environment for at least three years.
  3. Information about the introduction of a summary order form and technical tools such as undo and replace so that the buyer can identify and correct the errors in the data entry before placing the order:
    1. As explained in the 1st article above, you can change the cart, delivery details, cancel what you want, or even give up your order by switching between steps such as basket, address, and payment until you reach the Order Approval stage. Finally, before clicking the "Complete Order" button on the Payment page, you can see all your order details on the page and complete your order. In this step, you can change your Billing and Delivery Addresses, Products in Your Cart, Quantities, (if any) Shipping fee, (if any) Discount Amount, Total Value of your Cart, including Shipping and VAT, Payment Method you have chosen.
  4. Confidentiality rules regarding personal data obtained by electronic commerce transactions:
    1. Please click here to access the privacy rules regarding personal data obtained due to e-commerce transactions at  
  5. Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, if any, in case of dispute with the buyer:
    1. The procedure to be followed in case of a dispute between HEMEL and the Buyer is explained in the AUTHORIZED COURT section of article 10 of the Distance Selling Contract.
  6. Distance Sales Contract
    1. Please click here to reach the Distance Sales Contract.
  7. Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy:
    1. Please click here to reach Privacy Policy.
  8. Payment options and 3D:
    1. Please click here for detailed information about the payment process.
  9. Shipping and Courier:
    1. Please click here for detailed information about the shipping and courier.
  10. Order cancellation, return, and exchange:
    1. Please click here for detailed information about the order cancellation, return, and exchange process.
  11. Terms of Use :
    1. Please click here for detailed information about the terms of use.
  12. Cookies :
    1. Please click here for detailed information about the use of cookies. 

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