15 April 2021

What Does Nexus Flooring Mean, What Are The Advantages Of Parquet Flooring?

What does Nexus flooring mean?


As the answer to the question of what is nexus, the nexus - floorboard is the oldest known flooring material. It has been used in various forms and sizes for centuries and continues to be used increasingly today. The floors are covered with meticulous work, without spoiling the natural texture of the wood. Wooden parquet is in the class of wooden flooring.

What are the features of wooden parquet? What are the advantages and disadvantages of wooden flooring?

Wood is healthy and easy to clean. Since it is natural, it provides heat and sound insulation in the place where it is used. It is recommended to prefer wooden parquet models especially in problematic areas related to heat change and sound distribution. If you want good heat and sound insulation, wooden parquet will be the right choice for you. It is not affected by chemicals and acids. Another feature of the wooden parquet is that it is one of the most self-evident parquets. It gives a very aesthetic appearance. In addition to all these, since it is solid parquet and hard, durable trees are used in its production, wooden parquets are used in homes and workplaces for many years if they are maintained regularly. This type of floor coverings has a large share of scraper, in this case, they can be used for a long time with a brand new look with the scraper on the first day. Thanks to the scraper share in the wooden parquets, there is no decrease in the quality of the wood after the scraper.

Hard, durable trees are used in wooden parquets, one of the most used is fir, but there are many options.


Because it is wooden, wooden floors require maintenance, otherwise, it is a material suitable for fungus and insect production. Likewise, because they are wooden, they are less resistant to fire and can be easily burned.

Where is the nexus flooring used?

Nexus flooring can be used everywhere except on wet floors. Because they are trees, they cannot be used in high humidity and wet areas.

Nexus flooring is also used in homes and workplaces as nexus or ties, cedar flooring, pine flooring and ceiling tiles.

Cleaning and maintenance of wooden parquet

Vacuuming, dry and wet mopping is suitable for these parquets. They should be polished at regular intervals. Like all wooden parquets, it will be the best choice to care for wooden floors with Hemel Home water-based parquet varnish, which is friendly to human health and the environment.

Solid parquet, nexus flooring prices

As well as being healthy and long-lasting, wooden parquet prices, solid parquet prices are not expensive products. A more economical purchase is made if it is purchased from factory store-style locations. In addition, oak nexus and other nexus varieties can be examined on the internet and price research can be done. Usually, wooden parquet is calculated over the price per m2, the prices vary according to the area width of the floor to be laid, the type of wood to be used and the quality of the parquet.


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