06 April 2021

What Is A Hydraulic Press And How Does It Work?

What is Hydraulics?

The word hydraulic is derived from Greek and is a combination of the lexical meaning of the words water and pipe. As a term, hydraulic means the science of using a fluid under a certain pressure in the transmission of force and motion and controlling these behaviors.


What is a hydraulic press and how does it work? What does a hydraulic press do?


A hydraulic press is a machine press that generates compressive force through the use of a hydraulic cylinder. It employs a hydraulic lever in place of a mechanical lever.


A hydraulic press is made up of two interconnected cylinders. Each cylinder is filled with hydraulic fluid, and one is bigger than the other. The bigger cylinder is referred to as the Ram, while the smaller one is referred to as the Plunger.


Because liquids do not compress easily, they are employed in hydraulic presses. The hydraulic press operates by applying a tiny amount of force to the Plunger, which pushes the fluid beneath. This pressure is then spread evenly, raising the Ram. The pressure created by the Plunger and the Ram then crushes the item put between them.


Advantages of the hydraulic system


Hydraulic systems are systems that work silently.

They provide the opportunity to work under very high pressure.

Thanks to the hydraulic oil used as a fluid, all elements are lubricated.

The hydraulic fluid allows the generated heat to spread to the environment.

Hydraulic circuit elements have a long service life.

Speed ​​can be adjusted even while on the move.




Disadvantages of the hydraulic press system


The flow rate of the hydraulic system is not high, the circuit elements operate at low speed.

The hydraulic fluid is sensitive to high temperature and since oil is used as the fluid, this temperature should not exceed 50 degrees.

The hydraulic fluid is also sensitive to air, the formation of air in it causes noise and vibration, which disrupts the speed balance.

Since the circuit elements of the hydraulic system operate under very high pressure, they must be produced very solidly, which causes high costs.


What is a hydraulic press machine, what is it used for?

Hydraulic press machine; It is a machine for crushing, flattening, compressing, gluing, molding and coating materials. The materials to be processed are applied by placing them on a plate or bed inside the press machine. The use of hydraulic press machines has a very wide area, they are used in many sectors in the industrial field. They are machines that provide ease of use.


There is a famous youtube channel called ‘’Hydraulic Press Channel’’ belonging to a Finnish workshop owner and Hydraulic Press Channel publishes many videos about hydraulic press machines.


Hydraulic press for sale

Press machines used in repair, production, and assembly work in a wide variety of fields are produced by different brands and different companies. They are equipped with features suitable for the area to be used, and they are designed accordingly. For this reason, hydraulic press prices are very different.

You can find a used hydraulic press for sale or you can buy a new one.


Electric hydraulic press


Electric hydraulic presses are used for a variety of metalworking tasks. These electric hydraulic press machines have powerful mechanisms and outstanding efficacy; they are quite adept for industrial metal operations and are budget alternatives.

There are small hydraulic presses and large hydraulic presses. You can choose the convenient one for your work.


What is a hydraulic bench press used for?

A hydraulic bench press is extremely handy for a variety of tiny pressing tasks. It is a useful tool for a wide range of tasks, from pressing bearings to removing and installing gears and other press-fit items. Each hydraulic bench press, with a maximum 10-ton capacity cylinder, delivers ample force for heavy pressing while conveniently fitting in a tiny area of any workshop.

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