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19 April 2021

What Is A Wood Log, Which Type Used For Cabin?

What is a log from tree?

Seedlings turn into saplings, saplings into trees. When trees are cut, the trunk that comes out with their branches and bark is called a log. When the bark and branches of the logs are cut and chipped, they become logs. Another definition of the log is the cylindrical body of the cut tree, a timber log.

Logs are the piece of a felled tree, usually the size of a large branch (could even be a large branch) up to a whole section of a trunk, and generally just a rough piece of wood that you could use either as-is (such as in building a log cabin), for use in small-to-medium projects, or to be used as firewood.

The logs are used in their pure form in nature or for different purposes. Timber is formed when logs are subjected to cutting in various sizes to be used for different purposes.


What trees are logs made of?

Logs are produced from trees such as beech, scotch pine, red pine, oak and larch. Among the forest products, the highest value product is timber.

Where is the log used, what is it for?

Logs are used in the manufacture of construction lumber and pallet boards and are used to build log houses in wooden house construction.

What is a gangsaw?

A log mower is called a gangsaw. The multi-saw tool that does the job of cutting logs is a log mower or gangsaw.


Log cabin in the woods

A log cabin is a small log house, especially a less finished or less architecturally sophisticated structure. Log cabins have an ancient history in Europe, and in America are often associated with first generation home building by settlers.Log houses are houses built with round solid logs.


The advantages and benefits of log cabin homes

Since the natural form of the tree is preserved in log cabin homes and the overlapping shell on the middle axis does not deteriorate, it provides a great advantage in terms of high strength, durability and resistance to fire situations since external factors cannot reach these parts.

Log cabin homes are more affordable and visually pleasing than normal houses. In addition, log houses contribute to recycling as they are environmentally friendly. They are more affordable than concrete houses, and you can get ideas about log house prices on websites.

Log cabin homes are long-lasting and durable. It is possible to see a hundred years old log house. Log houses with many advantages reflect the warmth of the tree. They provide good heat and sound insulation. Log houses provide much stronger insulation compared to steel, reinforced concrete and stone building materials due to their cellular structure. Log house walls do not absorb heat but reflect it. Therefore, while the ideal temperature is 22 degrees in a reinforced concrete house, 18 degrees is sufficient in a log house. While it takes about 6 hours to heat the house in concrete structures that have not been heated for a long time, it is possible to heat the log house in 1 hour. This feature is very advantageous especially in holiday homes with limited duration, which are used only on weekends. Log houses are the ideal choice for a house that has a warm environment both visually and physically and is resistant to earthquakes and external factors.




Walls in solid log houses are electrostatically and electromagnetically neutral, so they do not cause any additional radiation such as concrete walls, and they also provide a great advantage by absorbing the radiation emitted by indoor electronic devices, mobile phones, wireless internet devices. Considering the disadvantages of technology, this is a great positive factor for human health.

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Best Wood For Log Burner

Hardwood is significantly preferable to softwood when it comes to burning wood since it burns slower. Softwood's density is around half that of hardwood, implying that it burns twice as quickly. Logically, this means you'll be burning twice as much, which isn't very economical.

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