20 April 2021

What is cellulose paint?

Cellulose paint, air drying, high hiding topcoat paint. It is used to provide a bright appearance. It is a glossy top coat paint that maintains its vitality and brightness on the applied surface, has an elastic and hard structure, is resistant to physical impacts, scratches and abrasion, has high covering power, and dries very quickly.


What is cellulose paint made of?

It is one of the industrial paints. Its raw material consists of the reaction of cellulose obtained from cotton and wood with alcohol and acids. Cellulose paint and varnish are produced as a result of this reaction.

Where is cellulose paint used?

Cellulose-based paints are not widely used in construction compared to synthetic and water-based paints. The reason for this is that the harmful chemicals it contains and the thinner used in thinning is cellulose-based. Cellulose paints are generally used for lacquering on metal and wood surfaces. They may be particularly preferred as they dry quickly through solvent evaporation and are durable.


What are the properties of cellulose dyes?

Cellulose paints are a type of paint that is harmful to human health and emits a lot of odor due to its composition, therefore it is not correct to use it indoors. These paints block the air ducts inside the buildings and are not used in living areas because they are harmful to health. They are generally used for painting wooden and metal surfaces in buildings. As in all painting applications, surface preparation is of great importance in cellulose paints to obtain a better quality painting. First of all, the first primer should be made. Primers are products that act as a bridge between the surface to be painted and the topcoat, reduce the absorbency of the surface, provide stronger adhesion of the final coat to the surface, and are produced in a transparent or colored appearance. Although not much on metal surfaces, the paint absorption of wooden surfaces increases the cost of the work. The primer process should be done for both a healthy painting and to reduce the cost.

How to apply cellulose paint?

Cellulose paints are generally applied with a spray gun. Brush and roller should not be used to get a good result from this paint because brush roller marks remain when applied with these tools.

It is also important to use a pistol, sandpaper suitable for the surface condition, protective gloves, goggles, and masks for application on wood and MDF surfaces. It should also be paid attention to the smoothness of the application surface, therefore, cellulose primer application and sanding should be done, and the sanding dust should be cleaned thoroughly. Cellulose paints are types of paint thinned with thinner.

To apply cellulose paint to metal surfaces, all oil, rent, grease, and rust on the metal surface must be removed. Cellulose primer is applied to the clean surface first, and then the final layer is applied. Spraying and dipping methods can be used in cellulose paint applications on metal surfaces.

One of the most asked questions is whether synthetic paint can be applied on top of cellulose paint. Synthetic paints can be applied to cellulose paints, as they can easily adhere to all kinds of surfaces.

Cellulose paint prices vary according to the content of the paint, its quality, and the brand of the producing company. Prices are also sold in direct proportion to the weight content of the packaging.


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